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Functional Expert-based Performance Assessment Models at Organizational Level


Organizations performance assessment is one of the critical aspects in today’s project management research. The performance of organizations can be affected by various factors beyond financial measures. Construction organizations faces difficulty in performance assessment stemming from the uncertain fragmented unique nature of the construction industry. Only few research focused on the non-financial factors that impact the organizations performance. Although many research works have been done to study organization success factors, most of the conducted research was only focusing on the construction project level rather than the organizational level. In addition, most of the research neglected the different perspectives of construction organizations functional units when assessing the performance. The goal of this research is to study the effect of different functional units on the company performance through identifying, ranking a set of critical success factors (CSFs) and build comprehensive performance construction organizations assessment models. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) technique has been used for the data analysis and the models’ development. The research findings indicated that the CSFs factors in construction organizations have different priorities and weights according to the different functional units. Four assessment models are eventually developed to reflect the unique perspective of four functional units in construction organizations. The developed models have been validated with satisfactory results ranging 80% to 90%. This research will benefit organizations managers to accurately assess their

performance according to the different functional units.

Keywords:   Organizational Performance; Performance Assessment Models; Organizational Functional Units, Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)