EPOJ Volume 6

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Issue 1



Paul S. Chinowsky

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Re-contextualizing extra-national policy in the Thai construction industry within the new ASEAN economic community

Sittimont Kanjanabootra and Brian Corbitt

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Business development and bid management’s role in winning a public–private partnership infrastructure project

Andrew J. D. Edkins and Hedley J. Smyth

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Expensive or expansive? Learning the value of boundary crossing in design projects

Frederick M.C. van Amstel, Vedran Zerjav, Timo Hartmann, Geert P.M.R. Dewulf and Mascha C. van der Voort

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Passing the baton? Handing over digital data from the project to operations

Jennifer Whyte, Carmel Lindkvist and Suha Jaradat

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Issue 2


Development of BIM-supported integrated design processes for teaching and practice

Michael Filzmoser, Iva Kovacic and Dragos-Cristian Vasilescu

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Managing economic feasibility and social relationships: interventions to prevent dysfunctional conflict in public–private partnerships

Louis H. M. J. Lousberg, Hans W. F. Wamelink and Leon I. A. De Caluwé

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Design Science method and theory in a construction and engineering context: “a phronetic tale of research”

Sittimont Kanjanabootra

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Characterizing post-disaster reconstruction training methods and learning styles

Alexander Zerio, Aaron Opdyke and Amy Javernick-Will

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Exploring the use of social network analysis to inform exit strategies for rural water and sanitation NGOs

Jeffrey Paul Walters

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Using ‘design thinking’ to enhance urban re-development: a case study from India

Ajay Kumar, Dinesh Lodha, Ashwin Mahalingam, Vishnu Prasad and Anand Sahasranaman

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Issue 2 Continued


Special Issue Editorial

Jessica Kaminsky and Vedran Zerjav

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Exploring the dynamic nature of the evolution of Building Environmental Assessment Methods (BEAMs): a call for a diachronic analysis of BEAMs

Ebo E. Inkoom and Roine Leiringer

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Visualizing practices in project-based design: tracing connections through cascades of visual representations

Jennifer Whyte, Kjell Tryggestad and Alice Comi

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The Objective Value of Subjective Value in project design negotiations

Vivek A. Sakhrani

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