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Volume 8


Cognitive Mapping of Geotechnical Practices as Cost Overrun Drivers in Highway Projects

 Alolote Amadi and Anthony Higham 


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Best Practices in Preconstruction Services for Transportation Projects

 Evan Bingham, G. Edward Gibson, Jr., and Mounir El Asmar 


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Examining the State of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Institutionalization in the United States

Carter B. Casady, Kent Eriksson , Raymond E. Levitt , and W. Richard Scott 


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Analyzing The Dynamics of Social Networks by Combining Psychometric Measures with Social Network Analysis

Paul S. Chinowsky, Barbara Robinson , and Sherman Robinson 


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Functional Expert-based Performance Assessment Models at Organizational Level

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Framework for Assessing Resilience in the Communication Networks of AEC Teams

 Bryan Franz, Robert Leicht , and Katherine Maslak 


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Volume 8 Continued


Project Partnering in the Construction Industry: Theory vs. Practice

 Ali Hosseini, Paulos Windimu , Ole Jonny Klakegg , Bjørn Andersen , and Ola Laedre 


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Workflow Interdependence Analysis of Projects in Business Ecosystems

 Anastasia Tsvetkova, Kent Eriksson, Raymond E. Levitt, and Kim Wikstrom 


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Institutional Waste within the UK Construction Procurement Context: A Conceptual Framework

Saad Sarhan, Christine Pasquire, Andrew King, and Emmanuel Manu 


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Towards a Deeper Understanding of how Champions Influence the Allocation of Resources to Innovation

Maarten E.J. Rutten, Andre G. Doree, and Johannes I.M. Halman


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