EPOJ Volume 7

Issue 1



 Paul S. Chinowsky and Robert M. Leicht 

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Grand Challenges in Engineering Project Organization

Vivek Sakhrani, Paul S. Chinowsky, and John E. Taylor

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Emotional Intelligence and Undergraduate Engineering Students

Charles Skipper, Lindsay Greenlee, Jannette Finch, and Kaitlin Marley

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Building Information Modelling Skills in Construction-Related Disciplines: A Social Network and Job Advertisement-Based Comparative Analysis

Rahimi A. Rahman, Steven K. Ayer, Pingbo Tang, and Matthew Eicher

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The Development of Inter-Disciplinary Belief Systems: The Effect of Academic Disciplines

Michael S. Puddicombe

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Integrated Design Studios: Education to Overcome Silo-thinking and Enable Full BIM-exploitation in AEC

Michael Filzmoser, Iva Kovacic, and Dragos-Cristian Vasilescu

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Issue 1 Continued


Imagining a Sustainable Future: Shaping Emergent Thinking by Reflecting Through Aesthetic Action

Paul W. Chan and Christine Räisänen

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Issue 2


Untangling the Complexities of Successful Tendering Practices: Exploring the Factors Leading to Bidding Success from a General Contractor’s Perspective

Baris Bekdik and Christian Thuesen

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Factors influencing the post-award governance of PPP projects: A proposed framework

Venkata Santosh Kumar Delhi and Ashwin Mahalingam

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Identifying the Competence Components of the Construction Project Managers in the Palestinian Construction Industry

Abdelnaser Omran and Akram Subhe Hardam Suleiman

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